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After a long career in IT support, Nora Barton found herself one of many victims of the economic slowdown. Although she never seriously considered opening a restaurant, she always looked back fondly on her first job at a local family restaurant and remembers the lessons learned there well. The opportunity to open Nora B’s appeared out of nowhere when she heard word of a small café closing down in Elm Grove.

The stars seemed to align when she met Executive Chef Christine Moshinski, who was also unemployed at the time. Chris knew everything about running restaurants; Nora knew everything about what she wanted her restaurant to be. Their shared knowledge and vision brought about Nora B’s which opened in March, 2010.

Nora has assembled a dedicated staff that will do whatever it takes to make your visit an enjoyable experience. Chef Chris and Nora understand the importance of family, and Chef Chris is mentoring Nora’s son Tom, who will be a fine chef someday.

The strength of that team continues to be demonstrated by the many accolades received. (See News for the latest press).

“We can do that, just ask!”

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